"These are

proper uncomfortable..

why are we wearing them again?"


"It's in the

boys rider..."


.."Tom keeps slapping my arse when I

wear them.."


We're old fashioned

types of guys. We like

anything old fashioned thats rude!

If you're one of those people, like me who don't believe website testimonials, just go on to the next page. Unlike other band's we dont make these up. They're proper recorded comments by people who've seen us at gigs, one or two we may have gone on to have a brief relationship with, but that had nothing to do with how we got them to say something nice about us. Well there has to be some perks of this job apart from "Help yourself to some food guys, and the beer's are over there in a bucket" Anyway, here they are in all their uncut glory..minus the swear words. This is what people have sent us, and appear to be 100% happy they booked us. There's nothing like real life people telling you real life stories...and this isn't anything like that.

For Entertainment purposes only.

I thought they were a bit cheap for Mott The Hoople when I booked them... but to be honest 3 Mott songs in ANY set was more than enough. We were treated to a brilliant set of top rock n' roll from all era's from the NOT'S..."

Paul Rutherford

The 'Letch' Social & Must pay more attention

when booking the turn, Club.



..."Not The Hoople were brilliant... great musicians, with a great bunch of songs that had the pub rockin..!"

The White Hart, Surrey


Tandridge District Council

..." I didn't like them much

I must admit, but our club loved

them, so I've got to get them back,

suppose..otherwise my balls will

be on the line"

Bill Badger

Old Sodonians

..."For a Country Pub, the boys certainly gave it their best. Everyone had a great evening, even the Police, eventually..."

John P.   Bletchingly, Surrey

.." What a nice bunch of lads..and so clean, apart from that "Ginger" bloke. Do you know how the nickname came about? Well once after a visit to

a brothel He had a urinary infection Completly naked except for a hat and a dildo, a rampant Rabbit eminating a strong smell of urinals..so yes we'd go again, as long as they had a different drummer..."

..The Band did a charity gig for us...great bunch of lads, and not at all stuck up, as I'd been led to believe.."

The Wharfarin Society


"..In spite of their friendly rapartee, good manners and cheeky 'we might just be persuaded on the night..' half promises when I phoned them up to book the group, when it came to the crunch they refused to remove anything at all! Some of our ladies at the institute were very angry and we were left to clean up the mess on the chairs afterwards...."

Carly Cutforth

Biggin Hill Mature

Ladies Social Club

and Garters

..."Great Rock from the '60's '70's and '80's..and yes I definitely would..."

Gina Toffler



"We booked them for our wedding, and they really got the Guests going...which is more than we could manage at the end..

I'm never putting on a show like this again..."

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lakely

Outwood, Surrey

..."Excllence tm was halfed by Yall.."

The Poor Spelling and Bad

Dicktion Variety Cloba

Bichmond, Sorry.