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Tom Walker 

Guitar and Vocals

Tommy Walker has a great taste in shirts, but actually isn't overly mad on material things. Although he does show superb taste in what material the band is likely to play at their next show. He's a nice, quiet type of a guy, except when unleashing a powerful vocal rip into one of the band's big beat numbers! He's a straightforward easy going personailty who has an occasional 'freak out' while playing, lost in the music I guess, and an occasional beard when he's not. Tom's musicianship is second to none, and his singing style has been described as somewhere between Rock and a Hard place. He usually collects the money at the end, but if he doesn't manage to find the person responsible, he'll often send in the fiery, Jumping Jack of a personality that is the Drummer known as.....


The Nots

Ralph Ginger Millington 

Drums and Vocals

Ralph is very much like a real live Muppet. Being compared to "Animal" of celebrated Jim Henson creation,due to his penchant for encouraging everyone to "Dance your arse off" providing none of the Royal Family or Kim Kardashian are present. His legendary wildcat lifestyle has been slightly tamed of late owing to an aching right buttock and re-occuring flare up of a long since stitched up hernia.. but all that aside, he sings like a bona fide rock star with a gripe against humanity! His nickname 'Ginge" is not a pleasant thing to know the in's and out's of, all I can say is he's a bit of a sod, but a brilliant drummer, a superb lead singer from behind the kit..and a good all round egg.

Chris (malkie) Malkinson

Keyboards & Bass

Chris doesn't get mentioned much in interviews about the Band, so sometimes, being Chris Malkinson isn't easy. Is it because 'Malkinson' isn't an easy name to say or spell? No probably not. Is he loud mouthed or rude? Well....does he look like he is? No, of course not. Chris is a trained musical sort of a bloke, with the ability to switch from his keyboard to tax returns and a deep fill pie of a bass guitar, with a warm sound humming away underneath... hear Not The Hoople on a great night, or even a bad one, if ever there was one. If this is living...then hearing is believing. If you're a Chris fan, get yourself a badge that says so. He'll be so pleased, he'll calculate your weight by your hand.