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Why It's Hot To Be NOT!

Here's what we look and sound like when we've got a head of steam on! This is put here, so when we turn up at to your function, wedding reception party, big event, product launch, wake, club, pub or Ann Summers 'demonstration of the rabbit ' evening (we always create a real vibe there...) You'll know it's us you've booked. We have a great name, but an occasional identity to clarify: Above is who we are, and to the left and right is who we are most definitely NOT.  If you're confused by what you're looking at, want to know why we chose such a confusing name or would just like more information on how we can make your function etc...(see above) go with a bang, call us on:

01582 842916 or 07973 174318

or make it easy on yourself, and email us HERE

The core trio of Not The Hoople is made up of of Guitar/Vocals, Drums/Vocals and Keyboards/Bass and produces a remarkably full sound for a little 3 piece. The Band is also available in 4 & 5 piece formats which include female vocals and male frontman for those larger events. Click HERE to see more Hooples for your money!!  So Whether you're Streaming with buffers or simply a runny nose and eyes, here we bring the web site and your perception of us into your living room. POW! BIFF! SOCK! BLAAMM!..Ladies and Gentlemen it's Not The Hoople, (well actually it is 'The Hoople' at the same time) So, turn up your computer speakers and watch Tom, Chris and Ginger Pilkington jump through Hoops for you  live, in the moment, as it were!

"...The Guitar's all well and good Tom, but you'll never make a living at it..."  A Misguided Relation.