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Songs and Demos - Sounding is Believing!

Dear Possible Client. Naturally, you wouldn't expect to believe everything you read on a Band's obviously biased web site would you?..

You would? OK, well I'm an independent. I wrote this for the boys, so anything I say here you can more or less be sure is true.

Down under, below, there's a short but well produced snatch of songs we've recorded to prove we can actually do what we say we can.

If it wasn't here, you wouldn't believe how much we can sound like the originals..but with a slight injected tweak of Not The Hoople magic.

Oh, yes... and also there was no actual moon landing...Paul IS dead, There's no way Princess Diana was driving and almost certainly

Harry Potter is a real person, 'cause he was in that film recently about the old dark house. Kenneth Williams was happy in his work.

Cock-a Hoople! The Boys rush up the fire escape toward another Wedding Reception gig!

Click the disc to hear the boys

in the studio!

This is a real proper audio performance. It has nothing to do with the X Factor in that it's proper music played by a band that love playing live.

Click the Disc!

crank up your speakers and get yourself a

cup of tea.

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